The Realm of Support

Why Most Professionals are Unable to Help Regarding Narcissistic Abuse

Many victims of narcissistic abuse seek help from therapeutic professionals and receive anything but help and support. The victim leaves feeling worse than when they arrived. Understanding the in depth nature of pathological narcissism is extremely difficult never mind, assisting and supporting individuals who are mentally, emotionally, financially and physically trapped by a malignant narcissist.

Where do Most People Go Wrong When Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse

Naturally, victims of narcissists seek to gain their life, sanity and reality back and so their innate instinct is to seek understanding. Seeing as the narcissist withholds and gaslights their victim’s perception and reality.

Most victims will go on a learning binge in attempts to grasp and comprehend one’s fallen apart mind and life which has become a torturous hell with no understanding to why or how.

Learning is not the “wrong” thing to do and in fact, its instinctual. Unfortunately though, most are unable to move past the learning phase of recovery due to the absence of an effective recovery method which achieves complete freedom from the pathological narcissist.

What I Do

I provide a unique style of one on one coaching which is rooted in effective communication via email, phone and/or messaging. My goal when working with individuals is to completely remove the psychological chains that the narcissist has covertly placed within one’s mind via psychological warfare. My personally created method has now been implemented numerous times and has a 100% success rate guaranteeing complete mental freedom. If this is not what your looking for but require an understanding towards your current situation regarding the narcissist in your life, you can have at a look at my inquiries page.