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When you have proof and the narcissist is still trying to make you appear crazy

Perception is everything, all narcissists know this and will definitely use such against you. The narcissist likes to make his victims appear crazy and despite the fact that no one has time for that, the narcissist still deems this a priority. The narcissist greatly believes in the importance of appearance, he/she believes it holds power. Even when their victims holds […]

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Why isn’t he chasing me?

Many people seek to know why their narcissist does not chase them when they attempt to put their foot down. So to clear up any inquiries regarding this topic.. Why the narcissist doesn’t chase you: 1. He knows he has brainwashed you to a point of obedience, he/she knows nothing he/she does can change this 2. He knows you will […]

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How to Brainwash

To have someone come into your life and present to you a very loving and normal relationship is a beautiful thing but when someone utilizes that presentation as a tool to brainwash and gaslight another, a very unique hell is created for that person. There are so many problems that arise for a person who has been gaslighted in a […]

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Your Rage and Resentment

Over time, resentment and rage are created in victims of narcissists. As a victim, you are expected to tolerate the narcissists abuse- the narcissist puts their victims in positions where they are forced to tolerate the abuse, hear over and over their faulty justifications to why they have a right to be abusive or they project their demonic identity onto […]

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You are not the narc

The pathology of npd is very much about the art of mental projection.  Its tricky you see- what the narcissist refrains from showing and displaying to his victims, his cheery and kind false self, the narcissist also taught to his victim who he isn’t. The narcissist teaches his victims how they should interact with him, this also takes place with […]

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What the Narcissist Cannot Say

to answer this in the most effective way, i will speak as a narcissist.  “I have no self. The self you see is yes, what “I” show you but what you cannot see is that i don’t have an “I”. I hear voices all day long and My reality is perceived incorrectly due to these voices. My personality is completely […]

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The 5 “ways” of your Covert Narcissist parent

Living with your covert narcissist parent consists of extreme shaming and hyper vigilance. When dealing with a covert narcissist, you will be shamed and devalued daily but of course, indirectly. Some examples of behaviours that you will experience and witness from your covert narcissist parent are as follows: 1. slamming of doors and constantly creating ways to startle you thus, […]

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Blocking the narcissist’s projections

1. Narc- “*causes a fight, abuses you and says “so its ok that you can call me names? You- “Causing repetitive arguments and abusing people does not excuse or condone your abusive behaviour. 2. Narc- “i don’t abuse you, you abuse me” You- “Just because you deny your abuse, doesn’t mean it now seizes to exist”. 3. Narc- “You owe […]

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Mixed messages

Narcissists love to confuse people. There are so many reasons why this tactic is part of the narcissist’s arsenal and those reasons are: 1. To gain supply 2. To create doubt regarding where they stand with you 3. To distract you from their real intent and motives 4. To keep your mind busy while they cheat, scam and lie 5. […]

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10 Things

1. Every friend request sent by you is identified as you. There came a time where I learned how to identify when it is you and when it isn’t u trying to lurk my social profiles. Thank you for teaching me this. 2. Every time you message me from a random alias of yours, I know when it is you. […]

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Control and Power

Control and power are two very critical and vital requirements for a narcissist. Narcissists not only require power and control but also ensure it is secure at all times, even at the expense of the wellbeing of another . Being in control is so desperately a priority for the narcissist but what exactly does control and power provide for this […]

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The fake magician

Illusion is the name of the game for all narcissists. Narcissists play on perception and yes of course, they utilize this to gain supply but much more is conducted that meets the eye with the narcissist’s thought to be “superpowers” When a narcissist chooses to seek revenge against his victim, he will ensure that he plays on every aspect of […]

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Narcissists are not their false self

It is very clear the narcissist conducts his words and actions surrounding the benefit of the false self but the narcissist is in fact not the false self. The narcissist has a choice to conduct oneself in favour of the false self or not. If a scenario can be left in the realm of unknown interpretation, the narcissist can behave […]