Imagine being the narcissist

Imagine for a second your a narcissist.

Imagine being the cause of your own misery and unable to change that because you are so afraid of your own mind and it’s consequences.

Imagine watching everyone flee from you life like you have a plague of some sort. Imagine having to accept that about yourself, knowing you appall people.

Imagine everyone you know ends up abandoning you.

Imagine waking up every morning and needing someone to pay attention to you similar to the average person waking up and thinking about their coffee pot.

Imagine being anxious 24/7 in fear of your ego being attacked by someone’s words that aren’t even threatening in nature.

Imagine having to convince yourself you have the right to manipulate people because you are addicted to attention. Imagine having to be addicted to another human being at all.

Imagine needing someone so desperately and hating yourself for that while also trying to convince yourself you have no needs because your a god.

Imagine stalking someone and obsessing over another person every single day. Imagine wasting your life on obsessing over someone you need while also believing you need to be better than that person.

Imagine needing to waste your time on attempting to control the reactions of others because you are that mentally damaged.

Imagine having to appear like your some malignant monster because you are too embarrassed and unable to admit you are just a needy coward.

Imagine having to watch everyone that leaves you become happy and moved on and away from you because you behave like a disease.

Imagine having to give someone a silent treatment because you are too afraid and unable to express your very apparent vulnerability and distorted needs.

Imagine having to embarrass yourself by going threw the three stages of a relationship as a narcissist. Imagine having to break up with a person every few months, having to portray yourself as an extremely mentally unstable individual.

Imagine having to methodically execute a plan to control someone because you know that no one will want to stay and be around you willingly


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