A narcissist’s fear

When the narcissist begins to realize he is no longer important to you, he becomes obsessed with trying to remain in your mind. This is a very sad thing to watch because infiltrating a person’s life in fear of disappearing is of course, no way to live.

Stalking plays a huge role in remaining in your mind, along with hacking. The ads you see, the forums your apart of, the people who follow you or attempt to add you on your social media-all of this harassment is a tool for the narcissist to try and control his fear of disappearing from actualizing in reality .

The narcissist ensures that you know the above takes place so that you become consciously aware of future attempts in remaining in your life. An example is receiving messages from the narcissist pretending to be a stranger but mentioning things only you and the narcissist know about such as your pet’s name or something you wore on a particular date with him.

The amount of dedication a narcissist puts fourth for this delusional cause is pathetic yes, but very much a reality for many.


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