A Letter to the Narcissist

No one cares that you are addicted to attention, why do you assume others give a shit? Oh wait, you know no one would give a shit thats why you lie and manipulate others.

Who told you that you were important? Who told you that you mattered? Oh wait, no one, you know your not important, thats why you crave attention so desperately.

Why do you walk around with your nose in the air as if you are better than the rest, we all know you have no real accomplishments and lie about literally every aspect of “yourself”? Oh thats right, you know this already, that is why you have to lie.

I couldn’t imagine being you, I couldn’t imagine hating myself so much that I erase myself. It is unfortunate you feel you need to exist. Oh wait, you don’t want to exist- you have no choice but to exist, obeying the demon in your head claiming it’s you.


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