Feeling like you cannot win

There is a very unique manipulation tactic the narcissist likes to use which is responding to everything you say in the same arrogant aloof manner. The narcissist uses the same style reaction every single time he responds to you. Regardless of what you say, the narcissist will always ensure his refusal to show you he is hurt or effected.


You-“your a dumbass”

Narcissist – “xo”


You:”your acting crazy”


In the midst of such an aloof conversation, the narcissist will throw an insult or two to provoke anger within you and than watch you become ever so frustrated because he has manipulatively gone back to responding in his usual aloof manner.

The key is to understand that the narcissist seeks to control you and one way to do that is to utilize his false self to initiate various emotional reactions within you-puppeteering.

When the narcissist does this, you feel completely out of control but in order to switch the tables, you need to grey rock. Lack of an emotional reaction on your part=the narcissist out of control.


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