Crazy calling you crazy

There is no guessing when it comes to the fact that the narcissist is absolutely crazy, no doubt about it, but when the narcissist tries to make you look crazy, you sometimes give in to this, thinking you need to defend yourself.

Here is the thing, when a narcissist calls you crazy, really look at what you have said prior to being called crazy and ask your self “is saying ______really crazy?” So that is a rhetorical question because the answer is of course, no.

You do not need to defend yourself against a person who is acting insane-calling you crazy. Never forget, the narcissist holds a belief that “if you defend yourself, you are guilty”, hence why the narcissist never explains his craziness. This belief is in fact true when dealing with a narcissist not when a narcissist is dealing with a non pathological narcissist.

Pathological narcissism is set up to reconfirm and establish itself like concrete. For example, holding a belief that defending yourself leads to being guilty is a belief that prevents outside objectivity from entering the narcissist’s mind and overall perspective thus, unable to change or critically reflect on one’s own behaviours and thinking.


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