Losing your voice as a child of a narcissist

Many narcissist parents like to constantly speak for their child, removing their vocal agency. The narcissist parent will constantly respond for their child when their child is spoken to. The removal of the child’s self and their entire reality is the end result. It doesn’t help that the narcissist parent is in charge of the child’s identity formation in their early development.

This particular behaviour of a narcissist can go overlooked as well. For example, the narcissist child will be asked a general question from a third party and the narcissist parent responding for their child can appear as casually joining in on the conversation.

The need to constantly speak for one’s child as a narcissist parent comes from a need to control oneself, never forgetting the narcissist’s child is the narcissist’s greatest extension. The child picks up quickly on their narcissist’s need to speak for them and usually end up becoming obedient to this behaviour. The shame that would follow such a protest is just too emotionally great for the child and/or abused adult.

Many children who experience this from their parent/s lose themselves in the process. They lose their preferences, opinions, motivation and self esteem.


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