Narcissists like to yell as a control tactic, they believe that raising their voice will control your reaction whether it be you backing down or changing how you respond. An example is you asking the narcissist something in response to what they have said.

You-“wouldn’t it be easier if you did it this way instead?”

Narcissist-yells “i did it that way!”

In this example, the narcissist is trying to control your subconscious thinking regarding how you respond to the narcissist the next time. You were not expecting an abrupt voice raised response to what was said in the above example. Your emotional reaction to the narcissist yelling his/her response to you will be one of shock and nervousness thus, programming your subconscious to think twice the next time you respond to him/her.

To notice this particular tactic, you would need to have studied the use of linguistics. On average, people learn to communicate with others at a very early age and you never need to question this early learned skill.

Narcissists use their false self as a means to control your reactions and this includes their tone of voice. Like I have said in an earlier blog post, the use of one’s tone of voice is preferred by the covert narcissist.


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