The nonsensical shaming tactic

How many times have you said something to the narcissist and he/she became offended? This is a common occurrence with all brands of narcissists but this can become a very strange occurrence when the narcissist becomes offended over things that are not offensive in nature.

The narcissist’s reaction will be to shame or guilt you, covertly or overtly. Overtime, you begin to walk on eggshells because your entire existence becomes one of offence to a narcissist.

Example 1-

You- “what your saying isn’t making sense though”

Narcissist-“ok, because your so smart and perfect, i forgot, your a doctor”.

Example 2-

You- “why did you do that?”

Narcissist-“why are you always against me?”

Example 3-

You- “you going to the mall today?”


You- “you always go to the mall on Saturdays”

Narcissist- “ya i always go to the mall on Saturday, ya.”

You-“why are you getting offended”

Narcissist-“I’m not, your perfect, I forgot”.

The narcissist internalizes everything you do because this is the disorder, a self focused and consuming pathology. Even when you do not say anything offensive, the narcissist will internalize it and perceive it as a negative. Why they do this is because NPD is actually a disorder deeply rooted in shame. The narcissist’s perception is distorted accordingly to feed their pathological narcissism, one where they are the most important and superior in some way.


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