Staring and the covert narcissist

Staring is a non verbal form of communicating with others and as I said before, covert narcissists love non verbal manipulation thus, covert narcissists being prone to staring.

Not all covert narcissists will stare though, some coverts know it is a strange and abnormal thing to do and they don’t want to appear as such.

The strange thing about staring via a covert narcissist is that they want you to know they are staring, they won’t even turn their heads when caught staring either. When you decide to confront the narcissist about his or her staring, they will claim you are crazy, picking on them or paranoid.

So why stare? Narcissists likes you to feel uncomfortable, they want you to feel watched. This is because in all brands of narcissists, they feel watched by something very malignant residing in their mind. The psychosis of a narcissist involves constantly feeling critiqued and watched by this malignant entity, constantly keeping the narcissist on edge and anxious. In order to avoid this psychotic entity and the anxiety of it, the narcissist needs to become it. “Become the monster to defeat the monster”. This introjection doesn’t last forever though because it needs to remain in control and how it does that is by dangling this introjection based power over the narcissist’s head, allowing the narcissist to wear its shoes from time to time.

Narcissists also like to observe your reactions to things, they believe this provides them power and control. For example, a commercial comes on and right away, the narcissist looks at you to see your reaction to the show that you were just watching.

Staring is abnormal but as I said before, the covert will use his usage of minimal talking to justify his/her covert malignant behaviour.


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