The muted covert

Covert narcissists are quiet. They are not abrupt and they rarely show you what is underneath their mask when it comes to their use of language. The covert narcissist prefers to use his lack of words ever so powerfully to manipulate those around him . The covert believes that silence cannot be used against him so it’s safer to stay quiet. He likes to observe and the little amount of words expressed by the covert are barely influential. Language is not the covert narcissist’s go to manipulation tactic.

Instead, coverts opt for manipulation in the non vernal category- facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice, when they do speak that is. A covert does not mind appearing as a victim in a direct way unlike the overt narcissist who reveals their fears of being wrong and apologizing for example, in such an evident manner.

The covert narcissist will use his little amount of words to contradict the non verbal manipulation. A perfect example is the narcissist huffing and puffing when he walks by you but five minutes later says “do you want some coffee?”

Even when the covert narcissist is a convicted criminal, the victim mask remains plastered to his face. He will blame external influences such as his wife or being under stress from work as the justification to why his actions are so malignant in nature.


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