Leaving you to interpret

Having a conversation with a narcissist is probably the most mind baffling thing most of you have ever experienced. Linguistics is the number one tool for a narcissist to manipulate himself with via his supply sources. There are many tactics that the narcissist uses in a conversation but a very important tactic is the narcissist voluntarily speaking in a way that leaves interpretation in control of your reaction, applying what the narcissist has taught you regarding what means what when the narcissist speaks to you.

Your interpretation is a critical component for a narcissist to effectively manipulate himself with but if you look closely to the narcissist’s choice of words, you can see how interpretation is the fault at hand for many of the problems you experience with a narcissist. Of course, the narcissist has studied you to see what words effect you in order to effectively predict your interpretation.

For example, the narcissist asks you to come over and you refuse, asking to reschedule. The narcissist than responds with “i don’t have time for games”. So if you do not remove your interpretation of this statement, you can see that the narcissist is accusing you of playing games. If you remove the interpretation from the narcissist’s statement, you can see that such a statement actually has nothing to do with rescheduling. The narcissist relies on your manipulated interpretation so your reaction goes something like “why do you always have to start a fight?”. Now the narcissist can ignore you or call you crazy because your reaction does not correlate with the conversation at hand, if you remove the common interpretation from the narcissist’s statement that is. Now the narcissist can justify in his warped head, going silent on you or being malignant towards you.


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