Press Repeat

Mental exhaustion- anyone who has to deal with a narcissist is very well aware of how the narcissist likes to repeats themselves. This is a linguistically repetitive based manipulation tactic.

The narcissist likes to repeat the same things over and over again and this includes insulting and shaming their victims.

For example, the term “whore”. Whenever the narcissist is angry, he likes to use this word, he favours this term specifically. This term will be used by the narcissist on repeat whenever you express anger, shock and/or devastation. Of course, the narcissist likes his adjectives such as “stupid whore, useless whore, fat whore”.

Another example is when you are forced to converse with a narcissist because you live with them. I know this one narcissist that would say “what?” after everything you would say to her.

Another example is when the narcissist repeats herself over and over about a complaint or about. A desired request-“Can you clean the floors?” Ten minutes go buy “can you clean the floors”. Even if you clean the floors, the narcissist will than begin to complain about how she has to even ask you to clean the floors. This tactic, over long periods of time, is enough to make anyone mentally unwell.

What makes this tactic even more ridiculous is that you could be talking about the shape of the moon and the narcissist will than find a way to direct the conversation so they are able to bring up their complaints to you once again.

This is how the narcissists like to operate and the main goal of this manipulation tactic is to exhaust your mind in every way which of course, leads to depression, anxiety and sometimes ptsd. Of course, the narcissist will than use this as a way to further degrade you if you do not obey their every command.

People frequently ask “why don’t you leave?” Maybe this post can shed some light on one out of a million reasons that prevent a victim from escaping the torture of a narcissist.


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