To: the narcissist mother

The world revolves around you but that is only because you are in your own world. A lifetime of attempts to drag me into the hell of your abyss but you have always failed. Your repetitive existence which you use as a tool to exhaust your victims is the same tool that drives you to the brink of insanity, at least you go down with the ship as well. Your pretences and faulty role of a so called mother, is simply non existent – just like you. Your constant shaming and degrading ends up rotting your false ego and distorting your own ugly reflection. All your projections and lies, bringing you down further and further into your dark abyss has provided me such comfort. Such gratitude that your disorder ruins your life as well as it did mine. Your delusions and the projections of all your lacking accountability, blaming me for blinking the wrong way, rots your brain and why? Simply because you know- I know- better. There will never be a word you utter that will hold worth or value and you can deny this and play the blaming game for your lack of accountability but in the end–we both know-

you are wrong 🙂


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