Operant conditioning and stalking

When the narcissist decides to take up victim stalking, it tends to enter the victim’s awareness when they have been able to physically escape the narcissist. Operant conditioning takes place for the victim in a very insidious way which of course, is the goal of the narcissist.

To begin understanding this horrific terrorizing act, it is important to understand the collaboration of being stalked and being verbally and repetitively abused.

The narcissist will constantly verbally abuse you while also obsessively stalking you. Any attempts to bring the narcissist’s behaviour up to him/her, will inevitably lead to more abuse. The madness to this methodology is conducted by bringing your awareness towards the hatred the narcissist has for you, alongside knowing that you are being obsessively watched and monitored around the clock.

Never knowing if you are safe or not is the narcissist’s goal because being feared is a very strong desire for a narcissist. This manufactured mental anguish you experience, alongside having to deal with a trauma bond, is by far thee most horrific recipe for ptsd. Unfortunately, the choice is covertly implied by this insanity which is-return to the narcissist or continue experiencing this heightened anxiety, suffering every single day.

So where does the operant conditioning taking place?? Well, every time you attempt to have a smoke outside on your porch for example, you are looking everywhere checking that you are safe. Every-time your phone magically shuts off, you begin to think of all the things left unprotected regarding your online banking for example. Life becomes a realm of triggers and never ending anxiety.


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