it’s never ending

There is no pleasing the narcissist. When you think there is a chance in hell that you can, you inevitably set yourself up for failure. A narcissist can find a problem in anything that you do and do not do. Let me show you an example of how this works-

The narcissist brings up to you that you didn’t put the dishes away so this week, you ensure you put the dishes away. The narcissist goes to grab a cup the next day out of the cupboard and says “you need to dry the cups better because there are watermarks all over them”. The next time you do this dishes, you ensure you dry off the cups thoroughly. The narcissist goes for a cup the following day and says to you “these cups are getting old, weren’t you suppose to buy new ones? Do i have to tell you how to do everything?” So you go to the store, buy new cups and when you get home, you put them all away. The next day, the narcissist goes to grab a cup out of the cupboard for his morning coffee and says “Did you wash these?” You reply “no, I didn’t”. The narcissist replies with “what would make you think not washing these cups was a good idea?”

So as you can see, the narcissist ensures you cannot please him/her and why? Because the narcissist cannot allow you to believe you are deemed “acceptable”. Trying to appease a narcissist is equivalent to trying to keep your eyes open when you yawn.


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