Stalking and Subliminal Messages

When your being aggressively stalked by a narcissist, he/she will do anything and everything to ensure you are reminded of them. Below are some examples:

1. Advertising- Narcissists of course, will hack everything you own and will still allow you to keep possession of your accounts just so they can continuously watch you to trigger you. Advertising is shown everywhere, more commonly, facebook and twitter. One example would be seeing advertisements that remind you of all the things the narcissist has mentioned to you such as the things he said to devalue you.

2. Blogs – If you are on any social media sites that include a blog like tumblr or quora, you will definitely have the narcissist seek you out to ask you questions via aliases. You will also see blog postings in your news feeds also from aliases used by the narcissist that for example, describe how victimized and hurt the narcissist “feels” by their one and only true love.

3. Twitter and Instagram- If you have an open twitter or instagram account, you will be followed by a million aliases owned by the narcissist and will receive frequent and random messages.

4. Emails- the narcissist loves to spam your email box. It is important to understand that anytime you use your email to sign up for something, you will than be spammed immediately because of course, you are being stalked and all of your accounts have been compromised.

When a narcissist decides to stalk his victim, he is determined that he stays alive in the victim’s mind, with a goal that they are never forgotten.


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