When you have proof and the narcissist is still trying to make you appear crazy

Perception is everything, all narcissists know this and will definitely use such against you. The narcissist likes to make his victims appear crazy and despite the fact that no one has time for that, the narcissist still deems this a priority.

The narcissist greatly believes in the importance of appearance, he/she believes it holds power. Even when their victims holds a ton of evidence proving the narcissist is in fact, the insane one. Why is this? Why would the narcissist continue on with trying to achieve such a demented goal? Well because the narcissist cannot think outside of his insane mindset and worldview-he is insane.

In reality, the narcissist knows he has provided you with evidence against his character and all he can do now is rely on the hope that you come to believe his words, over facts.

What is the point of doing this if the narcissist knows he cannot actually make you appear crazy? Because the narcissist is being judged in his mind by his false self which has a goal to ensure that his false self remains/appears the victim in the scenario despite the narcissist knowing that he is an abusive malignant slave to this false self. Unfortunately, the false self irrationally accepts all things that are seen despite all of those things appearing illogical to the outside world.

So if the narcissist is still relentlessly trying to make you appear crazy and you have a ton of evidence saying otherwise, remind yourself that you live in reality and that the narcissist’s delusional mindset and belief system does not define reality, despite him trying ever so desperately to make it appear and convince you that your words hold no worth. Understand the narcissist’s false self cannot accept anything as real without your reaction to what it presents before you.


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