“If i was so bad, than why is she still.. “

So as we all know, the narcissist has a warped perception. We can even call most of a narcissist’s perception as a justification for his false self to do what he malignantly does to his victims.

One famous statement of a narissist is “If i was as bad as she claims I am, than why is she still contacting me? ”

The narcissist damn well knows why you are still contacting him, he knows he has altered your mind via brainwashing but all that matters to a narcissist is what is being shown in that moment.

The upper hand to this situation though is that yes, you may appear crazy in that one incident but over time, patterns of abuse and manipulation speaks volumes regarding how insane he actually is.

The narcissist lacks time, he has no awareness of it because he does not exist in his mind. Due to this, the narcissist fails to incorporate such into how he actually appears to others. The narcissist fails to realize he has proven he is crazy time ago and the secrets out.

So it is important for you to incorporate this into your understanding when the narcissist convinces you that you are crazy.


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