What the Narcissist Cannot Say

to answer this in the most effective way, i will speak as a narcissist. 

“I have no self. The self you see is yes, what “I” show you but what you cannot see is that i don’t have an “I”. I hear voices all day long and My reality is perceived incorrectly due to these voices. My personality is completely fragmented into tiny little pieces, we could call them personalities but what I call them is avatars, they are a bunch of compartmentalized avatars/memories. When I look at you, I sometimes see their faces on yours. I am trapped in a realm of perception that is not my own but driven by a monster that I cannot see but only hear. It hates me and I am a slave to it. There is no hearing or seeing for myself, this is done by the monster. This monster uses the avatars randomly to display to you my false self. You think i have control and I am the monster but I have no control and cannot help you or me”.


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