The 5 “ways” of your Covert Narcissist parent

Living with your covert narcissist parent consists of extreme shaming and hyper vigilance.

When dealing with a covert narcissist, you will be shamed and devalued daily but of course, indirectly.

Some examples of behaviours that you will experience and witness from your covert narcissist parent are as follows:

1. slamming of doors and constantly creating ways to startle you thus, keeping you on edge

2. Consistently making you feel you are somehow a bother to your narcissist parent via the miserable face they choose to wear in your presence, constant sighing,

3. Nagging you about the small and irrelevant things that have no effect on your narcissist parent whatsoever.

4. Cracking cruel jokes at your expense

5. Constantly complaining about their life being so horrible when there is no apparent reason to why