Mixed messages

Narcissists love to confuse people. There are so many reasons why this tactic is part of the narcissist’s arsenal and those reasons are:

1. To gain supply

2. To create doubt regarding where they stand with you

3. To distract you from their real intent and motives

4. To keep your mind busy while they cheat, scam and lie

5. To cause you frustration

6. If sadistic, to cause you mental anguish for no other reason

7. To test their mental control they have over you

So what does this confusion look like exactly?

1. Contradicting their words aka. Word salads or flip flopping regards to their opinions, desires, etc..

2. Trying to create a range of different emotions within you (pay attention to how your feeling)

3. idealizing and than degrading you

4. Silence

5. Abandonment

6. Random accusations that do not correlate with reality

7. Stalking and hacking

8. Keeping you in the dark regarding everything they think, feel and are doing

9. Shaming you for no reason

10. Trying to make you jealous

11. Creating paranoia within you