10 Things

1. Every friend request sent by you is identified as you. There came a time where I learned how to identify when it is you and when it isn’t u trying to lurk my social profiles. Thank you for teaching me this.

2. Every time you message me from a random alias of yours, I know when it is you. You have taught me this as well.

3. Every time you call my phone with a random number, I know when it is you and when it isn’t. Thank you for being so predictable.

4. I know now how you have intervened into my privacy and all my devices via all your hacking tricks. Thank you for teaching me how to dodge you.

5. I know when you have tampered with my accounts and apps online, thank you for teaching me how obsessed you are, when to change those a counts and wipe my phone.

6. Thank you for stalking my friends and family, you ensured that your smear campaign fails.

7. Thank you for stealing all my phone numbers from my phone company, leaving a trace was indeed your best choice thus far in my opinion.

8. Thank you for ignoring me so frequently when we were together, you taught me your intent and motives. When you began your stalking escapades, I knew what not to do.

9. Thank you for stalking me, you have shown me how obsessed and delusional you really are. I did not have to grieve you whatsoever.

10. Thank you for being so abusive, you taught me how irrelevant you are when you would pretend to discard me because I had enough of your abuse.