The fake magician

Illusion is the name of the game for all narcissists. Narcissists play on perception and yes of course, they utilize this to gain supply but much more is conducted that meets the eye with the narcissist’s thought to be “superpowers”

When a narcissist chooses to seek revenge against his victim, he will ensure that he plays on every aspect of his covert malignant pathology. The narcissist implants faulty perceptions in the mind of his victim and for many reasons.

An example of this is when the narcissist chooses to stalk his victims. The narcissist will ensure that his victim truly believes that his violation of privacy is much greater than it actually is. So why does the narcissist do this?

1. To make his victim appear paranoid and crazy to the people she reaches out to for help

2. To create supply by ensuring the victim’s mind is 100 percent on him at all times whether its due to a state of confusion, anger or paranoia

3. To appear omnipotent and omnipresent-the narcissist wants to appear as his false self appears to him-everywhere but never seen or tangible. This is how the narcissist interacts with his false self within his own pathological mind. The false self presents faulty perceptions for the narcissist as well as portraying itself as an almighty auditory entity. The narcissist cannot escape his false self even if he wanted to and at times, he very much wants to believe me but as you can see, there is a visible pattern here.

4. The narcissist wants his victims to believe that they cannot escape him under any circumstances just as he cannot escape his false self.

When fighting against this particular tactic of perceptual manipulation, utilize logic as often as you can. Always ask yourself for the facts regarding potential personal invasions. The narcissist is not omnipotent or omnipresent-the most he can truly do in this regard anyhow is send his flying monkeys to appear as if he is and of course, stalk and harass you himself via all of his aliases.


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