How the Narcissist’s Delusional World is Built

When the narcissist interacts with other people, everything is about seeking control. The problem with controlling others in order to create a desired reaction though is doing such without having a knowing of self to begin with which is of course, the narcissist’s case.

The narcissist creates all of his external reality solely within his/her own mind which needs to be maintained. In order to maintain such, elimination and/or destruction of others is a must. Anyone who cannot be manipulated into playing their allocated role in the narcissist’s delusional reality needs to be punished and/or removed.

Over time, the narcissist’s subjective reality loses its footing in actual reality. A general and logical sense of knowing becomes utterly skewed, especially regarding oneself in relation to others.

To clarify, I will provide you with a subjective example. So for example, you are a narcissist and you feed a false self a sense of worship and glorification for a living. You do this by manipulating others to react in accordance to your reflection based needs. You think your controlling external reality because you think you only exist externally as this false self. Due to this, you never realize that you can only exist within your own mind as a concept.

Confused ?

The narcissist does not actually exist as a separate external person-he is not controlling himself as a puppet. The false self is merely existent within his/her own mind and externally, he/she is just a severe pathological liar of a narcissist.

So what happens when the narcissist believes he is his false self????

He/she becomes delusional, digging oneself deeper into the rabbit hole each and every day. The narcissist doesn’t just create a false self in his own head but instead, he creates a god. To maintain such an impossible standard for oneself is of course impossible unless…you become delusional.


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