Control and Power

Control and power are two very critical and vital requirements for a narcissist. Narcissists not only require power and control but also ensure it is secure at all times, even at the expense of the wellbeing of another . Being in control is so desperately a priority for the narcissist but what exactly does control and power provide for this particular pathological individual?

Narcissists perceive their entire identity via their reflection aka other people. Why is this important? Well, it’s not actually but what is important is this “identity” being reflected in a glorified way to a narcissist thus, needing to control others at all costs. Essentially, the narcissist and you are perceived as one person which is why the narcissist objectifies you and every other human.

Having a totally externalized identity isn’t really the main issue but rather, the need to perceive oneself as utterly perfect and of course, desired. The true problem here lies within the narcissist’s addiction and obsession towards one’s own reflection being worshipped and glorified.

Therefore, in order for a narcissist to maintain, sustain and gain a sense of power and control over himself, the narcissist needs to manipulate and exploit his own reflection in order to gain the reaction he so desperately needs to remain in power in his own dark mental abyss.


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