Narcissists are not their false self

It is very clear the narcissist conducts his words and actions surrounding the benefit of the false self but the narcissist is in fact not the false self.

The narcissist has a choice to conduct oneself in favour of the false self or not. If a scenario can be left in the realm of unknown interpretation, the narcissist can behave malignantly and also claim he is not doing such-that his victims are just merely crazy.

Narcissists like to create the idea of the true self in the mind’s of his victims as well as the concept of the false self in order to drive their victims crazy but also, the narcissist can appear as the false self and behave as the malignant and cunning narcissist he is. Doing this, meaning planting the concept of the false self in the victim’s mind along side the narcissist’s true self, helps the narcissist gain and maintain control.

The false self is nothing but a concept. It is utilized immensely in the beginning of any “relationship”. The false self is fluid in the sense that it is constantly being modified accordingly in order to mirror their victims. The removal of the false self is how the true self is understood and planted solely in their victim’s mind.


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