The Narcissists Cyber Stalking trick

When dealing with a narcissist who has decided to terrorize and stalk you online, a loss of hope can be something that takes place.

It is important to take pictures and collect as much evidence as you can in order to be able to provide evidence and proof of patterns and incidences to the authorities.

Narcissists use many tricks when they stalk and harass their victims online.

One major trick to be aware of is-

You will want to and mostly likely will, contact the narcissist in attempts to get him to stop terrorizing you. Of course, the narcissist has set the relational dynamic up in a way where you are of course, not allowed to discuss reality with him or her so you may try to apologize or even attempt to scare him.

Without evidence and proof, this can appear negatively on your behalf thus, you appearing unstable or appearing contradictory . This is why it is critical that patterns and various forms of evidence is accrued.