No shameee

When your dealing with a narcissist, over time you will see that the narcissist in fact, has no shame -as long as what you see aka what he shows you-cannot be identified as “him”.

The narcissist cannot feel shame if his ego aka him is not seen as the one doing an act of shame. It does not matter what you know as his victim or even what you tell him you know because what matters to a narcissist is what can be seen as “him”. The narcissist’s ego is all that can illicit shame within such a pathological person’s mind.

Narcissists like to use aliases and these aliases are used for this purpose, essentially to protect the ego and behave in shameless ways without direct consequences to one’s ego. These aliases also allow the narcissist to try and make his victims appear crazy. The narcissist will covertly suggest he is in fact the one hiding behind the alias when terrorizing his victim which than leads most victims to contact the narcissist directly – creating a place for the narcissist to tell the victim he/she is a crazy delusional liar.

This is important to know because as a victim, the last thing you want to create is fuel for the narcissist in court or while conducting his smear campaign.


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