What most forget

When trying to leave a relationship with a narcissist and when trying to figure out what the fuck just happened, we learn that the tactics of the false self is the go to.

We hear so much about the false self. Many famous self claimed narcissists state that their false self is their only self in fact.

What most forget though is realizing that if there was no true self for the narcissist, there would be no need for a false one.

Narcissists believe they do not exist and they do believe they need attention or they will disappear but this is because their minds have effectively removed awareness of their true self. How???

The narcissist’s mind immensely focuses on their false self. Like an addict- the narcissist becomes consumed with the construction and maintenance of their false self -unconsciously distracting their minds. This is how their mind “coped” with their childhood trauma. What keeps this even more engrained for the narcissist is the megalomania derived from the supply they manipulate out of others. So as you can see, the narcissist’s mind is constructed to avoid their true self but again, their false self is there for a reason.