Many narcissists like to place their obsession towards money onto others but in a way that implies that the other is ungrateful. Narcissists like to imply that others are not grateful for the things they have or that thr other is too flimpsy or careless with money. You will usually see this take place if you mention in any way indirectly or directly, their obsession with money. If the narcissist notices you are not spending your money on them, they will also ensure that they use this ungrateful implication based tactic.

Narcissists like to pretend that other people are the ones who are obsessed with money in order to direct the attention regarding their own obsession onto someone else.

Narcissists also like to make up “reasons” that will back up their expectation of you regarding the giving of money to them. One very commonly seen tactic is when the narcissist places obligation onto others regarding the past favors the narcissist has done for you. This is done to create a sense of obligation and/or feelings of guilt within, to motivate you to give the narcissist money.


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