Understanding the unconscious of a narcissist

The mind is a funny thing u know. What the unconscious mind creates is so powerful and for narcissists, their unconscious mind does not coincide with their conscious mind. What a narcissist cognitively experiences does not correlate with their unconscious matter.

For one, the narcissists unconscious is compartmentalized which means so is their identity. Secondly, the narcissists unconscious uses and streams delusions in the conscious mind to ensure that their unconscious desires are externally created and their unconscious beliefs are externally confirmed.

In saying this, the narcissist has a core belief that they need attention to avoid their unconscious trauma from surfacing. The narcissist believes that without attention, they will come to believe that they no longer exist. No doubt, the narcissist will come to believe this but the real problem for the narcissist is the inability to understand that this belief is just a belief and can be rewritten. Unfortunately for the narcissist, their mind was created in such a unique way that awareness and the ability to understand such concepts and the ability to tolerate one’s emotions is not part of a narcissists capacity. (Something their unconscious minds believe)

One particular issue with delusions is that they are fear driven and the more they are confirmed wih a compulsive type solution like extracting attention, the greater the delusion becomes and the deeper the narcissist goes into lala land. Another issue with delusion is that due to their unconscious spewing delusional content into their conscious mind, their conscious mind comes to believe their delusion is in fact reality. If a narcissist becomes aware of how their unconscious mind is structured in relation to their conscious mind, this does not set them free from such a pathology thus, seeing self proclaimed narcissists all over the internet writing about how malignant they are versus how to overcome their pathology.

The strongest and most embedded belief that a narcissist holds in their unconscious mind is that they do not exist. This belief is by far, one of the greatest driving factors of narcissistic personality disorder. When a childs mind cannot complete the idenity formation stage in their development, the mind breaks in a very particular way and in this case, a narcissistic personality disorder is birthed. Of course, such a pathology is created to save the mind from going psychotic so some form of an identity needs to be utilized to prevent such and in this case, the narcissist uses their ideal self.

This ideal self is all a narcissist has to live for, it is all the narcissist believes they have to exist in the world. In fact, the narcissist spends their entire life trying to become their ideal self permanently in attempts to complete their failed developmental phase of identity formation.

The ideal self is in some ways a delusion and this is because there is no believed identity held for the narcissist that can evolve into anything ideal. The ideal self is a concept that a narcissist lives for at the expense of literally everything and everyone.

The narcissists unconscious belief of not existing creates the building blocks for a life long formation and consumption of ones entire mind despite the formation of a narcissistic personality disorder being birthed in order to save such.


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