Caring what the narcissist thinkz

One interesting trap under the narcissists manipulation belt is the narcissist getting their victims to become entrenched in focusing on what the narcissist is thinking and why.

The narcissist sets their victims up in a way where they get into a habit of needing to guess what the narcissist is saying or doing. The narcissist most commonly does this with the use of silence and word salads. These two tactics leave the victim always trying to intepret and understand their reality and what they can do to either better their situation, get their narcissist back, understand what they did wrong or to seek revenge.

When this tactic is used frequently by the narcissist. the victim becomes entrenched in this style of thinking thus, a habit is formed. This exact habit is than used against the victim to further gaslight them.

Over time, the victim begins to put all the pieces together and begins to understand some of the narcissists insane behaviors. The victim tends to either begin to tell the narcissist that they now know what the narcissist is doing and thinking or the victim will begin to react from a place of expectation towards future interactions with the narcissist.

At this point, the narcissist will than deny, deny, deny in order to extract more attention from the victim by creating extreme anger, frustration, doubt and more confusion in their victims minds. The narcissist will claim the victim is paranoid, rude and wrong, that what they expected their narcissist to do or say was in fact, not the case. Essentially, the narcissist gaslights the perception of the victim once again.


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