Secrets kill

When the narcissist abuses you, he or she expects you to of course, keep it a secret. The problem with this is that when you keep it such abuse a secret, the narcissist takes this as an opportunity to abuse you more. There is a common understanding that you will anger the narcissist more by saying anything to others but the narcissist is already angry whether it’s because you cut him or her off of supply, caught the narcissist cheating, you abandoned them, etc. Essentially there is nothing that can be done for the narcissist in that regard neither is it your responsibility.

If you keep the abuse a secret, when it comes time to involve others like law enforcement, you will have a better shot at escaping permanently down the road.

It is important that others know what is taking place because the narcissist can be dangerous. It is important that people are aware of your circumstances because the easiest target is a silent one. Also, If something horrible were to take place regarding your safety or your loved one’s safety, people will know where to look.

Of course, there are many cons to this action which are people not believing you or retraumatizing you by saying things like “maybe your just overreacting” but at the end of the day, your life could be at risk.

A friendly reminder, keep record of everything and a few back up copies as well.


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