Not Personal

The realm of interpretation is a tricky thing but unfortunately, the very thing the narcissist likes to exploit. A victim’s words mean so much to the narcissist because words provide narcissists the ability to delusionally interpret their own reflections. Linguistics are used by the narcissist to gain a faulty sense of self but also, to exploit others.

Body language, facial gestures, photos, symbols and silence are all broader forms of communication and not very effective ways for a narcissist to gain worthy supply. There is simply too much room for not knowing and guessing, that such supply is much harder to profit and gain from.

Narcissists want a reaction that can be used to be able to falsely interpreted oneself. An example- the supply gained when the victim is angry. Showing anger to a narcissist doesn’t produce remorse or guilt within this it, but instead, provides the narcissist a faulty interpretation-one which represents such anger as a reflection suggesting just how wonderful the narcissist is.

Imagine the narcissist in your life trying to create a reaction within you that suggests anger and all you do is send him a rainbow emoji. This can not provide the narcissist with profitable supply but instead this reply leaves the narcissist questioning the meaning of such and the narcissist becomes confused(despite his rude reaction to the rainbow emoji). The narcissist may say “wow your crazy” but we all know the narcissist is a pathological liar and his words hold no value or able to provide an accurate display towards what the narcissist is subjectively experiencing.


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