3 Common traps

A narcissist will set many linguistic traps in order for the narcissist to regain control. Some common traps are:

1. The narcissist will harass you with calls and texts if you do not respond —You may not want to respond because you are fed up or merely tired of explaining yourself, being shamed or constantly arguing. The narcissist can ignore you for two months but you are not allowed to not respond to the narcissist for more than an hour.

2. Due to the narcissist constantly refusing to talk about anything he has negatively done towards his victims, they are commonly forced to succumb to this non verbal request and inescapable expectation. The narcissist’s victims are forced to repress their rage and never attempt to discuss such ever again, The narcissist believes that once positive contact has been made with his victim after he has done something horrible, that he is then forgiven. The trap here is that once positive contact has been made, the victim can never express disappointment or anger towards that particular issue ever again.

3. The narcissist will constantly attempt to see you in person if he notices anything out of the norm regarding your obedience which of course, is something that the narcissist has covertly manipulated and molded into your behaviour and overall personality. Despite the narcissist creating inescapable situations where the victim is constantly trying to avoid emotional and mental consequences, the narcissist has set it all up to have such used against you if you try to change for the better.


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