Privacy Doesn’t Exist

Covert narcissists like to create an environment that puts this idea in the minds of the people around them that they are being listened to and watched at all times by the narcissist. The narcissist does this is many ways but two very commonly seen ways are: the act of staring and monitoring other people’s behaviour

The covert narcissist likes to stare at people making them aware of their staring, the narcissist wants people to know that they are being watched. Even when you catch the narcissist staring at you, this will not steer the narcissist’s eyes off of you.

The narcissist likes to monitor people as well, constantly questioning the people around them about what they are doing in any given moment whether you are looking in the fridge or leaving a room.

If you are raised by a covert narcissist, this insanity can make a child very sick and in fact, can create pathologicL narcissism and paranoia type disorders. Privacy and agency are both very critical components in the developmental phase of identity formation.

Covert narcissists like to deny this insane behaviour as well, simply because the narcissist believes that all things exist linguistically thus, behaviours cannot solely be deemed fact or real. The playing of perception of anyone calling these behaviours out to a narcissist will unfortunately take place, being dismissed via gaslighting.


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