The Narcissistic Remedy

Being raised by a narcissist can have some very extreme effects on a child which usually follows them into adulthood. There are many negative behaviors a narcissist will do  as a parent but one very impactful and negative influence is the denial and dismissing of their child’s subjective reality. This behavior can take on many forms such as: ignoring, shaming, blaming, degrading, constantly speaking for or over the child and of course, gaslighting. These behaviours are extremely impactful but what ends up making matters worse is the narcissist parent falsely justifying all of these negative behaviours thus, turning lies into reality for their children. The child ends up with an inner world that is filled with shame, guilt and confusion that negatively effects many aspects of their identity and overall life. They also come to believe that their tourmenting, agonizing mental and emotional states are due to being innately worthless-this is the narcissistic remedy to effectively brainwash their children to create the perfect supply source.