The narcissist will create various dependencies within you in order to control and abuse you.

Some examples of dependency are- isolating you which leaves you to only have the narcissist to rely on as your only interpersonal interactions, creating a mental illness like post traumatic stress disorder or anxiety and depression within you to debilitate you and prevent you from having the mental energy to help yourself in anyway, financially creating a dependency so you are unable to set yourself free and sometimes, all of the above can take place which is common if you have been born and raised by a narcissist.

Unfortunately, discussing the above with a narcissist will only lead to gaslighting and denying you of your reality because of course, the narcissist has ensured that everything appears solely as a choice you made.

During the time that the dependency is created, awareness is obviously lacking for the victim and little did they know they were being brainwashed and manipulated to the high heavens-they trusted.

Knowing that you are dependent in any way on a narcissist is unfortunately, not enough to be able to place yourself in an independent situation. The narcissist has ensured he/she does not allow you one minute of relief in order to prevent you finding the metaphoric door to escaping.

The only thing a victim of any narcissist can do is to take a look at what dependencies have been formed and work on each one daily till the light at the end of the tunnel is seen but this is much easier said than done. It is also important to understand that you will not receive much support neither during your path to independence.


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