Why does the narcissist hate what loves him

When it comes to a narcissist, he exploits his victims in order to create reactions that support and delusion-ally enhance his false self. He has to rise above his victim’s perception of themselves in order to build and create reactions to support this. This is of course done via manipulation, degradation and gaslighting.

When the narcissist exploits his victims in order to enhance his false self, he comes to believe that he is of course, better than his victims . So essentially, he is able to glorify himself via his reflection supplied to him by his victims while at the same time, be able to see his victims for who they are in relations to his false self.

The narcissist cannot just exploits his victims and not judge them for being so vulnerable and easily manipulated which is a huge reason to why the narcissist loses his very much needed supply in the end thus, manifesting his own abandonment.

Yes of course, degrading his victims appears to be a good enough reason for anyone to attempt escaping such but in reality, it is the very thing that keeps a person supplying the narcissist till of course, they cant take it anymore and attempts to flee permanently.

You would think that kissing the victim’s ass might be a better tactic for a narcissist but that is too much of a risk for such a species who seeks control over the very thing he needs. Essentially, the narcissist rather risk abandonment than lose his manifested reflection of his false self but never forget, the narcissist is an addict and does not hold such long term critical thinking towards this. All the narcissist can truly think about his feeding his false ego. The narcissist does not hold a concept of time so what he needs in the moment is all the addict can think of.


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