So what is Real?

The narcissist operates under a false self, this we all know. We know how the narcissist maintains the false self as the only thing that is real. We know that without this false self being maintained in a manner where accountability is lacking, knowing the narcissist’s true self as the only self would not be this much of a struggle. We also know that one’s memories are placed within the mind in a a period of time where doubt did not exist regarding who the narcissist is. We also know how our memories play a large role regarding how the false self remains the false self in our minds despite all attempted efforts to change such.

So how do you make the narcissist’s false self -false and the narcissist’s real self- real?

Knowing what the narcissist’s self really consists of and what such means.

Who is the narcissist???

Patterns tell all!!

The narcissist is a liar. He has been caught a million times lying, time and time again. This shows you nothing he says can be trusted as the truth or real.

The narcissist cannot be accountable and blames you whenever he is presented the truth. This shows you that you and him live in two different realities.

The narcissist refuses to address reality. He dismisses you, projects onto you and blames you when you speak to him regarding matters of reality. This shows you he is delusional.

The narcissist is cruel with his words. He will insult you time and time again. This shows you he does not respect your emotions or mental well being.

The narcissist does not keep his word. He cancels plans, breaks promises and contradicts himself time and time again. This shows you that he is a liar and cannot be trusted.

The narcissist will abandon you time and time again. This shows you he does not value commitment, respect your emotions, have an overall healthy attachment style, and cannot keep his word.

The narcissist likes to cheat. This shows you he cannot keep his word, value or respect you, that he cannot be trusted, that he is unable to be loyal, that he is cruel, lacks in self esteem and cannot place personal boundaries regarding sex.

The narcissist likes to make things up regarding the past, who he is and who you are as a person. This shows you that he is delusional.


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