Sabotage: to deliberately destroy , to hinder a cause

A narcissist will go to great lengths to sabotage his victim’s entire life if they dare attempt to escape their malignant wraths… but Sabotage what exactly?? and why???

Narcissists perceive all their relationships as if they are fighting a battle in a war. Everything the narcissist does is based on personal gain and ultimately…winning. The narcissist likes to approach his problems as if he is on some battlefield trying to conquer his opponents as if his spouse is his enemy and the relationship is the battlefield.

The narcissist sees his victim’s attempt to escape as “losing”. He does not take into consideration any other aspects or factors when comprehending – why his victim feels she needs to escape, why he feels he has “lost” or what he has done to land himself in a failing situation yet again. The only thing the narcissist can see is that he is “losing”.

“Losing” is an interesting word to use when describing the narcissist’s mentality regarding his victim’s attempt to escape. For anyone who has been victimized by a narcissist, you most likely know that never are they made aware of this apparent game they are forcefully and unknowingly playing. Even when the narcissist sabotages his victim’s life, most do not see things for what they are which commonly leads them right back to their abuser.

The narcissist is a snake you see because does not once state his intentions to his victims thus, leaving the door open for his victim to be successfully lured back to him or to drive herself crazy by simply not knowing who the narcissist really is and what he is really trying to accomplish.


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