The narcissist and his Imaginary War

Narcissist’s like to fantasize, this is obviously something a narcissist is commonly known for but little understand this imaginary fantasy. There are many elements and components to the narcissist’s fantasy world but one very common theme present in most narcissist’s is one of a warrior.

I am pretty sure many will read this and be utterly shocked in reading here that I know their narcissist claimed they were in the military. This is a perfect example of a narcissist living in a fantasy world. Some narcissists will in fact, join the military but of course, everything they say including their military experience is confabulated beyond a place in reality. An example of this would be the narcissist claiming they were ranked as top dog in special operations when really they were kicked out after two weeks of joining.

Narcissist’s believe they are special and a warrior of some special kind. The narcissist needs to be seen as unique, strong and of course, special. A narcissist wants to be the super man in the crowd. Many narcissists actually have quite the collection regarding superman in fact. This is because the narcissist lives a dual life just like superman did so of course, leave it to the narcissist to correlate such with himself. Superman lived as Clark Kent-a normal and average citizen but also was this super special being deemed superman. The narcissist relates to such because he cannot accept he is like everyone else, he has to correlate his ideal self with fantasy and delusion in order to maintain his disorder.

Lastly, the narcissist is fighting his mind everyday despite what the narcissist shows to the world. Everyday, he is fighting his demons and those demons like to make the narcissist believe he is winning at times thus, the narcissist believing he is a warrior-fighting against his legion of demons.