Becoming what he Fears

The narcissist child spent his childhood afraid. The narcissiat child could not cope with such fear as a child due to the nature of the fear being entrenched in extreme trauma. They learn very young that no one is going to save them thus, their mind stepping in attempting to do so-pathological narcissism. The narcissist’s mind had to save him somehow by becoming the very things he fears. Now of course, he has his false self to prevent being seen but his false self might make more sense to you now knowing that the narcissist is entrenched in shame because he had to become the things he feared and hated so greatly.

The adult narcissist dishes out silent treatments, abandons his spouses constantly, confuses and distresses others and cheats on their significant others like crazy. The narcissist does all the above simply because he fears it all happening to him. He believes that by him becoming what he fears, he eliminates the possibility of those fears being brought to life before him by another. Essentially, the narcissist learned that by being what he fears, he eliminates being afraid. He believes that he cannot be attacked or threatened by his fears if he becomes such.