Being told you are the disordered one?

Narcissist parents cannot own their disordered behavior, they use projection, abuse, lies and excuses to avoid ever being accountable for their insanity that they place in the lives of others including their children. 

A narcissist parent will accuse their children of being disordered when they begin to experience the mental health effects that are created due to experiencing life long psychological torture. They will never admit to anything they have done which has created or immensely contributed to any of your mental health issues that you may be experiencing.
You could spend your whole life experiencing extreme mental health issues and being utterly confused from not understanding or knowing why you are experiencing mental health symptoms, strictly due to the effects of severe brainwashing and still, a narcissistic parent will never admit to a single thing. They will watch you suffer knowing what they have created within you and in fact, will claim you are disordered and attribute such to other factors in your life. 
Living with a narcissist as a parent has life long effects and one major consequence of being born via a narcissist is believing in the concept of what you and life really are. Narcissist parents will brainwash their children, brainwashing them into believing that they are the problem. You will be told you are too sensitive, needy and disordered. Essentially, you will be further gaslighted.

Making sense of your own life, your own  relationships, experiences and mental health will be the first thing that is required when trying to recover from such life long abuse. Understand that you may be disordered now, but none of such is your fault at all. Your perception is not inaccurate and no one is allowed to truthfully state it is. 

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