When you ignore the narcissist

There are various ways the narcissist can react to a victim’s silence. Those reactions are as follows:

1. The narcissist will test his victim to see how serious she is when it comes to ignoring him. The narcissist will come to realize you are in fact, ignoring him and stop making contact.

2. The narcissist will panic and begin to consistently seek a response by text, call or email.

3. The narcissist will begin the verbal abusive attack, accusations and try to turn the abandonment tables

What makes the narcissist take what path?

The narcissist will choose a path/reaction to being ignored based on how well he knows his victim. If he knows the victim will react to his abuse, he will take that route. If he doesn’t know his victim well, he will begin to panic, desperately trying to make contact. If he believes the victim is attempting to go no contact but knows this is a hard thing to do for his victim, he will go silent as well and wait it out.


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