Working For the False Self

The narcissist works for the false self. What does that mean? It means the false self is utilized, not lived through.

An example:

You could speak to the narcissist online or via text while the narcissist portrays to be someone else (an alias), and the narcissist will continue to speak to you as the person you know him to be which is the false self.

Is this a choice??

No. The false self cannot react to the aliase’s encounters because the false self is dealt with entirely different than the aliases that he uses. You could even call the alias by the narcissist’s real name and as long as you continue on with the false self’s script, the false self will stay the same. The narcissist will never speak to you about the alias and the encounters he has with you.

Now, if you were to call the narcissist’s false self out on the aliases he uses to speak to you, you will be called crazy.

The narcissist is also different from the aliases he uses. He also utilizes those aliases and does not live through them.


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