Your role as a Prop

Every word you utter to a narcissist will be used against you 99% of the time. Most people get to the point where they know that if they speak out of script, they will be verbally attacked.

Narcissists treat people like props in a movie. They are insane in the sense that they literally will punish their victims for speaking as if they are in reality.

So what is your role as a prop?

1. when asked how you are, never respond truthfully if you are not feeling mentally or physically well

2. When criticized, do not criticize back

3. never ask for an explanation regarding anything the narcissist does

4. do not ask for anything

5. do not hold expectations

6. do not attempt to hold the narcissist accountable

7. do not accuse or call out the narcissist on anything he does wrong which of course, includes all his lies, abuse, manipulation and cheating

8. do not contact him when he gives you the silent treatment

9. do not defend yourself against any criticism or accusations the narcissist makes

10. do not complain, ever

11. do not ask to be heard

12. do not ask to be validated

13. do not ask to be empathized with or supported in any way

14. be readily available at all times

15. do not have your own social or personal life

16. Never express your negative thoughts or emotions

17. Agree with everything he talks about

18. Always show excitement when seeing the narcissist

19. Do not speak or act in a jealous manner

20. Do not ask for an apology, ever

21. Accept the narcissist will be abscent every other holiday

22. Do not ask the narcissist about his past, his thoughts or emotions

23. Never question his achievements despite them all sounding false(they usually are)

24. accept all forms of abuse

25. accept you are to blame for all the abuse you experience by the narcissist

26. deny the narcissist of nothing

26. have money

27. look your best at all times

28. answer every call and text

29. never ignore him

30. accept you do not exist

31. never question or state you are in a movie or that you are aware that you are a scripted prop

The only options available at this point are:

1. no contact

2. speak from whats real and be abused for a long time

3. be a prop


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