Responses to Reality

Reality Response

1. i don’t feel well 1. your a whiner

2. Im busy 2. you are a whore

3. can you…. 3. you are so needy

4. why don’t you… 4. you are spoiled

5. i don’t feel like… 5. you are selfish

6. Can I…. 6. you are dependent

7. I can’t… 7. you are stupid

8. why … 8. here we go again

9. You…. 9. that’s because you..

10. Can we… 10. silence

11. all you do… 11. well if you….

12. is there…. 12. shut the fuck up

13. do you think… 13. mind your business

14. I am sorry 14. You are lying

15. but you…. 15. whatever

16. I feel… 16. Stop complaining

17. I think… 17. so

18. i want…. 18. of course you do

19. but i love you 19. lies!!!

20. can you forgive me 20. lol


One thought on “Responses to Reality

  1. Ꮇy turn, my turn.? Larry mentioned eagеrly wiggling to gett a chance to talk.
    ?I think one of the best thing aƄout God is that he can beat uup thе devil as a гesult of the satan is horrifying and imply and ugly and dangerоus annd God cаn beat him up so the satan can?t haгm us like he did
    those demon fiⅼleԁ folks in Jesus day.


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